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The Safe Choice is Electronic Cigarette Vapor

Scientists recently conducted a study that showed vapor from e-cigarettes had no toxic effect on cells in human lungs. This study was funded by BAT (British American Tobacco).     Used in the study were tobacco smoke, two different types of vapor and regular breathing air. A “smoking robot” was used to help conduct the […]

Does Smokeless Tobacco Really Cause Mouth Cancer?

The long-term effects of smokeless tobacco products are still not fully known yet. If you are a smokeless tobacco user, have you ever taken a moment and thought about what those products are doing to your body? There has now been over 40 years of research to try to find out if smokeless tobacco has […]

E-Cigs: Helpful or Harmful?

For years it has been well known the effects that smoking tobacco cigarettes can have on your body. It can potentially be damaging to all of your organs and it will put you at great risk for smoking related illnesses. That is why it is surprising today that 40 million Americans still smoke.   Even […]

The Importance Of Keeping Your E-cig Clean

Normal users of e-cigs seldom think about a regular cleaning cycle for it. There is a huge amount of buildup consisting of saliva and food particles that happens when you ignore cleaning your e-cig for too long. Vapers don’t normally think of their e-cigs as a huge breeding ground for bacteria but that is the […]

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Your Thing?

Trending today in the vaping world is sub-ohm vaping, and vapers want to learn more.   “Ohm’s Law” says that all electricity should never be taken lightly. First, do no harm to yourself. Have a healthy respect for the ohm because it is a measure of electricity.   In the beginning, e-cigs, atomizers and cartomizers […]

Positive E-Cigarette Reviews

Some new findings dealing with e-cigarettes come as a shock to criticizers.   There are over 3 billion smokers worldwide. Sadly each year this extreme number has resulted in nearly 6 million smoking related deaths. Taking a look at the UK alone, there are roughly 80,000 smoking related deaths each year. What is even worse […]

So Where Can I Vape When I’m Out Of Town?

Smoking has now been banned in many public areas around the country, and because vaping “looks like” smoking, it is misunderstood by many. Public vaping will change slowly over time, but until then, if you’re traveling and want to vape, you need to know where it’s allowed. We have put together a list of cities […]

E-Cigarettes are Proving to be a New Legitimate Health Improvement Route

The fight for E-Cigarettes has found a new supporter. Prime Minister, David Cameron, talks about how e-cigarettes are a “legitimate path” for the overall health of the nation.   At the Prime Minister’s Question Time last week, Cameron shared a little of his struggles with quitting cigarettes. He ultimately came out to be successful with […]

New CDC Data Might Change Your Mind About E-Cigarettes

With a lot of people viewing e-cigarettes as a gateway drug, criticizers completely believe that non-smokers will transfer from e-cigarettes in to testing with the real thing. There’s also a fear of the mysterious long-term future effects of using e-cigarettes due to them being so new. Protestors of the habit are rebelling back by hoping […]

The Educated Vaper

There is so much information out there about vaping. Some use it as a ‘hobby’, others use it to stop smoking tobacco products. Either way, there’s a lot to learn. Mods can be mechanical and variable when it comes to voltage/wattage. Choose from 3 types of rebuidables: Drippers, bottom feeds, and Genesis. Most vapers prefer […]