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The Educated Vaper

There is so much information out there about vaping. Some use it as a ‘hobby’, others use it to stop smoking tobacco products. Either way, there’s a lot to learn. Mods can be mechanical and variable when it comes to voltage/wattage. Choose from 3 types of rebuidables: Drippers, bottom feeds, and Genesis. Most vapers prefer […]

E-juices: How Safe Are They?

The safety of a product like e-juice is extremely important. People today are more health conscious than ever before. Look down any grocery aisle and you’ll find people reading labels. Buying organic produce is now a priority. Consumers are also concerned about the safety of e-juices. People often assume that if you’re “smoking” something, it […]

What Are Vapes, E-Cigs and Mods?

The first vapes were called e-cigs and they did look like real cigarettes. The vape pen and the mod came later. E-cigs are the most recognizable, however. The original e-cigs consisted of a battery and a cartomizer (or a cartridge and an atomizer all in one). Cartridges hold the flavor and nicotine. The atomizer vaporizes […]

Do You Have An eGo?

Do You Have An eGo?   The eGo e-cig is an easy-to-use vape pen. It’s an easy way to start your vaping experience. This vape pen comes with variable battery size, voltage, and power. The eGo batteries have a 510 and eGo threading to accommodate various clearomizers. They also come in varying powers: 650mAh, 900mAh, […]

Learning About Vapes, Atomizers And Cartomizers

Learning About Vapes, Atomizers And Cartomizers   First, it’s important to note that vaping is NOT smoking and is not always well understood. Hopefully, this will answer a few questions you may have.   How a vape works: Resistance is a measure of an opposing force against current. Thicker wires give the current an easier […]

Ecigs and Vaporizers, Mods and Tanks ~ Let’s Talk!

Ecigs and Vaporizers, Mods and Tanks It’s not always easy to explain the concept of vaping but we think this will help. Just remember, resistance is a measure of the opposing force against current. With thicker wires the current has an easier time flowing so the resistance is lower. With dual coil, the current has […]