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Vaping-Several Facts-E-juice Info & Lab Created Liquids

One of the main products in vaping is the e-juice. This is also called the e-liquid. The e-juice has the flavorings, and, if any the nicotine. The heated liquid gives off the vapor that is inhaled and also makes the vapor cloud. For the avid vape smoker, there are many different types of flavors and […]

Vaping-Several Facts- E-cigarettes or Mod Devices

Vaping devices come in two general types, e-cigs and mod devices. Out of the two, the e-cig is the better known device. It has a look that is very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette. Mod devices have a wider body, and come in various shapes, styles and sizes.   Both tend to be referred […]

What are the Benefits of Buying Premium Lab Created E-juice-Spin

The e-juice is the soul of e-cigarettes and vaping. This is where all the flavor is held. It is also called an e-liquid. There is an immense variety of e-juices and flavors available for vaping. The best quality e-juices are premium lab created products.   E-juices are made in labs to form a pre-mixed liquid. […]

Reasons to Shop at a Vapor Galleria Vape Shop

The growing popularity of vaping has caused an increase in the number of vape shops. Vaping is a new industry and many vape shops don’t have the customer recognition that stores in other longer-term vapor markets have. When choosing a vape store this can make it more difficult. Vapor Galleria is a chain of vape […]

Vaping and the Use of E-liquids

Vaping is one of the hottest trends in today’s market. There are a wide variety of supplies available for e-cigarette user. The heart of the e-cigarette where all the flavor is produced is the e-liquid.   The e-liquid is made up of several ingredients. The main ingredients can include the base, flavor, and nicotine. The […]

Quit Smoking with the Help of Vaping

There is heavy debate about whether vaping is a safe way for traditional tobacco cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking. Web MD explains current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. One of the biggest health risks from a traditional cigarette is the tobacco and the toxins […]

Is Their Any Harm Coming From E-Cig Vapor?

Unlike how it might look to the uninformed eye, electronic cigarette vapor is not harmful. Yes, what people see is a big cloud of what they think is thick smoke get blown into the air. It might give the illusion of thick smoke, yet that illlusion can not be further away from the truth.   […]

Changes Are Coming To eJuice Bottles

After a long time coming, the US Commerce Committee collectively approved a bill requiring that all electronic cigarette liquid bottle lids have a childproof seal. This of course a good thing because of the few incidents that have happened regarding eJuice. This unfortunately demonizes electronic cigarettes even more than they already are but because of […]

A Judge From New York Sides Big With Vaping

There is a new reason for vapers to celebrate recently. It might seem to be a small victory for now but it has the possibility to raise more and more momentum towards the e-cigarette movement.   A judge in New York has recently ruled in the favor of electronic cigarettes. Finally, not a ruling clumping […]

Direct Lung Inhale – Pros and Cons

Pros:   1st Pro: The direct lung hit tends to be more powerful than the mouth to lung method. To many, a more intense hit means a more enjoyable hit.   2nd Pro: If you are a cloud chaser or enjoy producing big, noticeable clouds from your ecigarette then this is your best method choice. […]